We Are Curious To Know

Unfold potential of Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.  We equip you with tools so you can benefit from this leverage in your business.

We bring together a deep understanding of mathematical modeling, scientific approach and innovative technology.

We work closely with our clients to help them find data-driven business opportunities. We provide them with tools and know-how in the data-driven transformation. Finding a competitive advantage is usually the byproduct of the process.

Our Strong Points

Algorithms Development & Mathematical Modelling

We bring together a deep understanding of mathematical modeling, scientific approach, and innovative technology.

Digital Assets Trading & Investing

We develop strategies and gain from crypto markets inefficiencies generating revenue solely from trading Brooklands Ventures proprietary account.

Risk Management and Cyber Security

We identify security-related threats, determine the risk level and provide safeguards.

Our Team

Marcin Brzostowicz

Executive Director

Marcin Brzostowicz is a goal-oriented, self-driven entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of Digital Assets Trading and Internet Marketing. With over 9 years of experience and 4 years in senior management positions including Head of Sales and CEO, he has proved to be one of the top target delivery individuals in Polish industry.

Michał Bernardelli

Technical Director

Dr. Michał Bernardelli earned the Ph.D. degree in mathematics with specialization in applied mathematics, and master’s degrees in computer science and mathematics. He participated in many research projects, among others, the Operational Program Innovative Economy (the Morfa Project), the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (National Foresight Program, DUN). He works with a number of research centers, including the Laboratory for Energy Conversion at ETH Zurich.

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