Business Intelligence

Using Power BI, Tableau, or Looker, among other interactive dashboard technologies, our business intelligence consulting services will assist you in extracting information from your data, integrating it into an enterprise data warehouse (EDW), and turning it into regular insights.

You may accelerate and improve your growth with the help of trustworthy data analysis and reporting, but these services need to be provided and supported by an expert partner. Here is where We step in.

Our business intelligence services will enable you to enter a data-driven future and update your current infrastructure and business analytics platforms. We will assist you in deriving insights from the data you are gathering and use them to generate revenue and useful information.

implementation process

Compile the necessary criteria for the business intelligence solution.

Our team will identify the precise project methodologies, solutions, and Business Intelligence technologies that will work best for your firm at the outset of the project after collecting needs from business divisions. After a combined session, we’ll decide how we can use business intelligence tools and the implementation of analytics technology to assist you address current challenges and enhance your company’s performance.

Gather and combine data from a variety of data sources.

We will gather and combine data from various sources (such as ERP, transactional databases, file systems, flat files, and Excels) after defining a business goal into a single master database called a data warehouse or big data file systems so you can easily access and manipulate various types of information from a single location.

Transform, clean, and prepare data

During the loading process into a database system, collected and integrated data is transformed (ETL), making it ready for exploration, ad hoc analysis, and modeling. To gather, purify, and format data appropriately, we use highly scalable data processing scripts. After that, business users may utilize cutting-edge business intelligence tools to independently evaluate data, write ad hoc SQL queries, and be self-sufficient.

Investigate data for insights

Employing data mining methodologies and business intelligence tools, identified issues are resolved in collaboration with business users by using findings from the data exploration process. A developed OLAP or tabular solution will arrange your data and assist you in finding trends. BI technologies are able to forecast with the best likelihood why something occurred in addition to what and when it occurred.

Reporting and Data Visualization

We produce detailed, visually appealing Business Intelligence dashboards and reports that make it easy to share the most crucial data and KPIs with internal and external parties. Your time will be saved and you will have less user interactions since the business intelligence system will handle everything. It aids businesses in making the best business decisions at the appropriate moment and enables conscious management of companies while raising performance KPIs.