Data analytics consulting

Using advanced analytics techniques and technologies — gain insights from your data.

Our team assists companies all around the world in utilizing the massive amounts of data they gather to get valuable insights from it. We employ contemporary methods and tools that are appropriate for the best data analytics advisory services.

Data collection and storage are now more accessible and affordable than ever. Companies struggle with extracting information from it and converting it into value and money. The data analytics professionals at Addepto have a lot of experience working with different businesses to assist them implement corporate information management solutions.

We develop solutions and construct reporting and data visualization systems based on the vast amount of acquired data, which has enormous value for the decision-makers.

Every day, the amount of structured and unstructured data grows because to the information explosion brought on by digitalization, the Internet of Things, and client interactions. Because of this, businesses struggle with how to use the data that has been gathered. According to our staff, a company’s capacity to utilise obtained data forms the cornerstone for its successful operation in the market.

Our professionals can assist your company in implementing business solutions using crucial digital data. Brooklands Ventures can assist your firm in achieving better financial outcomes and assist you in making future plans as a data analytics consulting company with experience across several industries.

Statistical Data Analysis

Data gathering, data interpretation, data validation, and hypothesis testing are all aspects of the science of statistics. The process of statistical data analysis involves applying some statistical processes utilizing computer languages and contemporary technology. The Brooklands Ventures team is made up of skilled quantitative analysts who are developing statistical models using data to validate and quantify various business issues.

A data analytics consulting firm may assist you in enhancing several parts of your organization.

Digital marketing

Data and analytics have changed digital advertising. Digital billboards and online banners frequently employ data analytics tools.
Today’s digital advertising focuses mostly on user behavior analysis and using past data to enhance the user experience.


When it comes to analyzing gathered data and enhancing a company’s overall performance, data and analytics are essential. Businesses that provide delivery services may now determine the best shipping routes, speed up delivery times, and select the most affordable mode of transportation.

Risk assessment

This data analytics program computes the likelihood of a client defaulting using data and analytics. With the use of this information, organizations may take proactive measures to reduce fraud.


Healthcare facilities can monitor patient flow, treatment, and the utilization of medical equipment all thanks to data analytics.
The effectiveness of procedures carried out in healthcare institutions may be greatly improved by this usage of data and analytics.